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Tatvamasi / TOC

20:30 - 28.09.2018 - Basement of the Centre - more

Tatvamasi / TOC

20:30 - 28.09.2018 - more

Third Ear Music is a new cycle of musical meetings that consists of improvised concerts by Tatvamasi and invited European musicians. The cycle was created in cooperation with Henryk Palczewski – the creator of radio auditions of the same title – who is one of the greatest collectors
and connoisseurs of avant garde music all over the world.

TOC – a French trio that plays since 2008; formed by Jérémie TERNOY (Fender Rhodes), Ivann CRUZ (guitar) and Peter ORINS (drums). They are one of the bands forming the musical scene of Lille that are gathered in Muzzix society. Their musical foundation consists of organized structures that frequently turn to hypnotic, highly expressive, tribal pulsations and vibrations adorned with seductive melodic lines, many a time crooked in structure and a bit wayward.

Tatvamasi – a Polish septet in a colourful, instrumental rock music strengthened with jazz passion, smoggy with psychedelia herbs, rolled with underground rock music tensions. Built on alluring riffs, pulsation and improvisations. The band recorded 4 albums and cooperated with such musicians as: Martin Kuchen, Yedo Gibson and Vasco Trilla. By joggling with conventions and improvising they create their own puzzle. Among their inspirations there are undoubtedly the Canterbury Scene (Soft Machine, Gong), krautrock (Amon Düll II, Can) and the New York Downtown Scene. They share the ease, the sense of humour and absurd and a total lack of pomposity with the Englishmen from Canterbury, the raw, underground energy and pulsations with krautrock and the avant-garde (minimalism, sonorism) mixed with ethnic inspirations (Slavic and Jewish folklore and Arabic Scales) with the Downtown Scene.


Basement of the Centre


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Tatvamasi / TOC

28-09-2018 - more

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