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The Good Change: Poles Apart

17:00 - 16.03.2019 - Cinema - more
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The Good Change: Poles Apart

17:00 - 16.03.2019 - more

Marta manages the Gazeta Polska club in Gliwice and acts in the Strzelcy Rzeczpospolitej (Shooters of the Republic) association . Tita is an activist for the Committee for the Defence of Democracy. Both are patriots, but their patriotism doesn’t unite them. Just the opposite, in fact: their social activities put them on two different sides of a political barricade. Konrad Szołajski doesn’t judge his protagonists; rather, he penetrates their worlds and tries to understand them. He films Marta and Tita at home and when they take part in the activities of their associations, even at closed activist meetings. He creates a poignant documentary image of a deeply divided Poland during the era of “A Change for the Better.” A discussion will follow the screening.

directed by: Konrad Szołajski
documentary / Poland / 2018




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The Good Change: Poles Apart

16-03-2019 - more

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