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The Iron Claw

18:00 - 14.03.2024 - Cinema - 10 zł - more

The Iron Claw

18:00 - 14.03.2024 - 10 zł - more
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A true story of great ambition, triumph and a family curse. "The Iron Claw" tells the story of an American family, love, rivalry and success that the Von Erich brothers, undefeated in the ring, could not carry outside.

A dream team of film makers is behind this epic story: Sean Durkin ("The Nest"), famous for psychological thrillers, "Son of Saul" cinematographer Mátyás Erdély, and a fantastic acting trio: teenage heartbreaker Zac Efron ("Mean, Cruel, Evil"), Jeremy Allen White – star of the series "The Bear" and Harris Dickinson ("Triangle of Sadness"). "The Iron Claw" is a mixture of fury, emotion and laughter, which guarantees an emotional knockdown.

A strict Texas father – the head of the Von Erich family – will do everything to help his sons succeed in sports, they way he himself was not able to. Behind the scenes of the wrestling shows that America went crazy about in the 1980s, are brutal training sessions, broken characters, dashed dreams and bruised brotherly relationships. Parental ambitions turn out to be a curse for their sons – the Von Erichs are hit with a blow after blow. Will the previously invincible brothers avoid their fate?

The latest hit from A24 studio is a spectacular saga spreading over decades focused on anAmerican dream. It is a story about a strict upbringing, and the price children pay when a family turns into a profit-driven corporation. "The Iron Claw" directs the spotlight to the ring that is the family home, where the most important fight takes place: a fight for love, recognition and attention.

directed by: Sean Durkin
cast: Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Maura Tierney
sport drama / USA, Great Britain / 2023
running time: 132 min
age category: 16+
hosted by: Joanna Ziomek

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Series: In the ring

In March, probably contrary to expectations related to the annual celebration of Women’s Day, we invite our audience to a brave boxing series, strongly focused on male energy. Starting the adventure with a bang with a screening of “Raging Bull”, which continues out meetings with Martin Scorsese’s films. A cinema classic from the 80s, with a captivating performance by Robert De Niro, who put the sports film genre on another level. Following with the premiere of “Brothers of Steel” (2023) directed by Sean Durkin. The film that many critics consider a groundbreaking role for Zac Efron. It is a story about brothers whose passion, and family curse, is wrestling. A tough series will conclude with a Finnish biographical melodrama “Olli Mäki. The Happiest Day of His Life” (2016) The director Juho Kuosmanen takes us on a journey to Helsinki in the 1960s. Together with protagonist the audience tries answer a number of life’s questions about love, happiness and professional career. See you in the cinema!

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The Iron Claw

14-03-2024 - 10 zł - more

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