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17. Lublin Film Festival


14:30 - 19.11.2023 - Main Auditorium - free admission - more
17. Lublin Film Festival


14:30 - 19.11.2023 - free admission - more

Films whose heroes and heroines engage in an unequal fight against a differently understood system.

Bergie, dir. Dian Weys (RPASouth Africa) 2022, 7, 16+ A law enforcement officer has to move the homeless people from the route of a 10k run. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Chiatura, dir. Toby Andris (Georgia) 2021, 16’, 15+
After the death of her husband in a mining accident, a cable car operator in the city of Chiatura, Georgia, launches her own personal battle against the entire city. Polish premiere.

Conversations about Death, dir. Józef Jakacki (Poland) 2023, 4’, 15+
The author closes the formalities of his father’s death. He records conversations held with bots on telephone hotlines. Private grief and the first conversations about the loss of a loved one he is forced to share with the mechanical voices of computer assistants…

Bad Seed, dir. Nadège Herrygers (France) 2022, 12’, 15+
Sadia is being followed by Arthur. He discovers her secret and has to face a tough choice. Film presented at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Make or Break, dir. Mike Plitt, Falk Schuster (Germany) 2022, 8’, 15+
Alex grows up with a loving mother during the GDR era. The state punishes the children for their parents’ insubordination, so when his mother publicly criticises the system, the authorities take her son away and send him to a children’s home in order to develop his socialistic character. Film presented at DOK Leipzig.

The Man Who Wanted To Sleep, dir. Thibault Lang-Willar (France) 2021, 14’, 15+
Alfred, a resident of a nursing home, can no longer find sleep, disturbed by two residents who often have sex. Frustrated, he decides to look for a calm sleeping space. It turns out that is not easy… Polish premiere.

Things Unheard Of, dir. Ramazan Kilic (Turkey) 2023, 16’, 13+
After the Turkish military confiscated television antennas, residents of a Kurdish village lose access to their only connection to the world. A little girl, wanting to put a smile back on her grandmother’s face, comes up with an unusual idea. The film was awarded at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF. Polish premiere.

Green Fit, dir. Maxime Pistorio (France) 2022, 17’, 13+
Xavier signs up for a free gym membership. But if something is free, it most probably means that you are the product. Film presented at Flickerfest ISFF. Polish premiere.

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