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The Traitor

20:00 - 13.03.2020 - Cinema - more

The Traitor

20:00 - 13.03.2020 - more

The Traitor tells the true story of Tommaso Buscetta, the man who brought down the Cosa Nostra.

In the early 1980’s, an all out war rages between Sicilian mafia bosses over the heroin trade. Tommaso Buscetta, a made man, flees to hide out in Brazil. Back home, scores are being settled and Buscetta watches from afar as his sons and brother are killed in Palermo, knowing he may be next. Arrested and extradited to Italy by the Brazilian police, Buscetta makes a decision that will change everything for the Mafia: He decides to meet with Judge Giovanni Falcone and betray the eternal vow he made to the Cosa Nostra.

Received a several minutes long standing ovation at the Cannes festival, where it was in the main competition; based on facts, the “The Traitor” in a surprising, fresh way addresses the subject of the mafia. This is due to the charismatic hero who is both a hunter and the victim; the shocking image of corruption and violence digesting Sicily, an insightful portrait of a mafia octopus whose tentacles reached far beyond the island. Made with epic panache, Marc Bellocchio’s film from the first scene grabs his throat, drawing him into the dark world of crimes, escapes, lies and judicial skirmishes.

directed by: Marco Bellocchio
cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Luigi Lo Cascio, Fausto Russo Alesi, Fabrizio Ferracane
crimical / Italy, France, Germany, Brazil / 2019
running time: 155 min




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The Traitor

13-03-2020 - more

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