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Splat!FilmFest 5

The True Adventures of Wolfboy

13:00 - 15.12.2019 - Cinema - more
Splat!FilmFest 5

The True Adventures of Wolfboy

13:00 - 15.12.2019 - more

About a boy who’s looking for acceptance.

The life of thirteen year old Paul isn’t easy. His mother abandoned him when he was a little child. The kids in his neighbourhood make fun of him. Additionally, he struggles with meeting new people and accepting who he is. This is mainly due to an affliction which causes his entire body to be covered in fur. The only support he gets is from his loving father, who tries to make him confident and brave, however, even he is slowly losing hope. He plans to send his son to a school for unusual children. Paul does not like the idea and decides to run away. On the day of his birthday he receives a package with a map which will lead him to his mother. Without a second thought he embarks on an amazing adventure, over the course of which he will meet a beautiful siren, the queen of pirates and even the devil. It’s an opportunity for him to get a taste of life and understand it.

The film by the Czech director tells a story about friendship, love and acceptance. Krejcí reminds all of the audience, that the world is full of special people and beauty that is difficult to notice at first glance. Paul’s adventures, thanks to the beautiful drawings of the film, resemble the story of an adventure book for kids, and the lessons that go with it should stay with us for a long time.
Apparently Jaeden Lieberher hid under that thick fur, known from the “It” and “It Chapter Two”.

world premiere: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2019
director: Martin Krejcí
writer: Olivia Dufault
cast: Jaeden Lieberher, Eve Hewson, Chloë Sevigny, Sophia Grace Gianni
direcor of photography: Andrew Droz Palermo
editor: Joseph Krings
music: Nick Urata
teen drama, adventure film / USA / 2019
duration: 88 min



The True Adventures of Wolfboy

15-12-2019 - more

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