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W̶E̶L̶COME / Nabinam

20:00 - 11.11.2023 - Main Auditorium - 30/40 zł - more

W̶E̶L̶COME / Nabinam

20:00 - 11.11.2023 - 30/40 zł - more
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Joachim Maudet – Compagnie Les Vagues: W̶E̶L̶COME

W̶E̶L̶COME is a trio where body and voice are dissociated in intertwining dialogue. By the continuous transformation and metamorphosis of voices, twirling from one body to another by the magic of ventriloquism, W̶E̶L̶COME opens a hybrid universe that oscillates between burlesque and confusion, irony and absurdity. Photographic and poetic moments arise from this discrepancy between what is said, suggested and interpreted. From these dissociated bodies, W̶E̶L̶COME highlights this need to come together, to reach out to others and to form connections.

Teaser W̶E̶L̶COME – création 2022 from les vagues cie on Vimeo.

choreography and performance: Joachim Maudet, Sophie Lèbre, Pauline Bigot; light design: Nicolas Galland; technical manager: Laura Cottard or Brice Helbert
sound design: Julien Lafosse; sound director: Rebecca Chamouillet or Julien Lafosse; outside eye: Yannick Hugron et Chloé Zamboni; vocal coach: Pierre Derycke
production: Aline Berthou – Aoza Production; booking: Charlotte Cancé – Aoza Production; production: Les Vagues; co-production: Le Triangle, cité de la danse / Rennes, KLAP / Marseille, Network “Petites Scènes Ouvertes”, Danse à tous les étages, Arsenal Theater / Val-de-Reuil, Vanves Theater / Vanves, National; choreographic centre from Rillieux-La-Pape, dir. Yuval Pick / support: Le Colombier / Bagnolet, Le Dancing / Val-de-Reuil, Honolulu / Nantes, Danse Dense, Festival Parallèle – Marseille, CND Lyon, Studio Chatha, National choreographic centre from Rennes; Financial support: DRAC – Ministry of Culture, Brittany Region, City of Rennes

Jean-Baptiste Baele: Nabinam

“Nabinam” is an autobiographical work in which Jean-Baptiste intimately shares his adoption story with the audience. Adopted from Madagascar at the age of 6, he has encountered numerous challenges throughout his life, including growing up among peers who were three years older than him due to age discrepancies on official documents, dealing with constant comparisons to his family members because of their different skin colours, coping with the profound, yet invisible, connection he has with a twin sibling he never had the chance to grow up with. In this narrative piece, a wide range of dance vocabulary is utilised to convey emotions, with the use of voice and words being equally significant alongside the movements. “Nabinam” takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster with its unpredictable changes of pace.

  • Kolorowa fotografia. Na zdjęciu mężczyzna siedzi na krześle. Ubrany jest w koszule i długie spodnie. Ma bose stopy. Patrzy przed siebie.
  • Kolorowa fotografia. Na zdjęciu mężczyzna uchwycony w trakcie wysokiego podskoku. Ubrany jest w jasną koszulę z długimi rękawami i długie ciemne spodnie. Ma bose stopy.

performer/choreographer: Jean-Baptiste Baele; videographer: David Jacobs; costume designer: Cecilie Nybakk Nore; poetry writing: Anastacia Hoff; outside eyes: Mia Habib, Belinda Brazza; manager: Andreea Lixandrica

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Main Auditorium

W̶E̶L̶COME / Nabinam

11-11-2023 - 30/40 zł - more

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