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We_selle – work in progress

18:00 - 23.05.2018 - Main Auditorium - more

We_selle – work in progress

18:00 - 23.05.2018 - more

The performance takes as a departure point the classics: “The Wedding” by Wyspiański or “The Marriage” by Gombrowicz. It is a combination of contemporary dance, performance and improvisations with video projections.

The starting point and the main axis of the performance is the ceremony of the wedding, which in a special way shows the social and personality cross-section of the wedding guests. The performance takes as a departure point the classics: “The Wedding” by Wyspiański from which the motive for the breakup of the community and interpersonal relations was taken, or “The Marriage” by Gombrowicz as an attempt to fight the form and the problem of communication.
We_selle is a multimedia project by Wojciech Mochniej, combining the essence of a physical theatre, using various techniques of contemporary dance, performance, improvisation and video projections.

In We_selle there are also references to contemporary and popular culture, for example to Wajda’s and Smarzowski’s films. The words of Wyspiański’s play commented on by the crisis, ideological, political and social chaos, showing the weaknesses and disadvantages of the Poles. We_selle is a reinterpretation of this text, showing a new look at selected topics.

Work in progress – this is the formula of presenting the creative process of the performance. This is the moment when the artist decides to invite the viewer to his intimate, everyday-hidden world and repeats the mystery. The Lublin Dance Theater once again invites you to the a presentation of dance work in progress. This will be the second meeting this year with the makers who work at a residency at the Centre for Culture as part of the 22nd International Dance Theatre Meetings.


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We_selle – work in progress

23-05-2018 - more

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