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you. Guru

20:30 - 27.07.2023 - Courtyard - 30/40 zł - more

you. Guru

20:30 - 27.07.2023 - 30/40 zł - more
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you.Guru's music is a blend of different aesthetics and inspirations. The sounds flow to the rhythm of trance loops and psychedelic melodies.

The band’s musical experience is significant for their music. you.Guru is a concert band whose greatest strength is team playing. This is how the latest album was recorded. All songs were recorded during a three-day live session, which allowed to capture the concert energy and flow. Most of the music on "UNtouchable" are arranged compositions. The rest was created as a result of joint improvisation, where rock energy, jazz unpredictability and funky pulsation mix. The band has released two albums: Young Adult Fiction (2020) and UNtouchable (2023). Both released by Antena Krzyku.

The band:
Artur Maćkowiak – guitar, electronics
Michal Lutrzykowski – bass
Piotr Waliszewski – drums

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30/40 zł

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you. Guru

27-07-2023 - 30/40 zł - more

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