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Summer open air activities of the Centre for Culture in Lublin concerts, performances, cinema, workshops

During the summer months, enjoy the open air events organized by the Centre for Culture. The partially shaded and green Inner Courtyard as well as the Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden will be filled with music, good films and interesting workshops.

Inner Courtyard
Centre for Culture
July – September

The Inner Courtyard is one of the most interesting spaces, hidden within the walls of the former convent, now one of the most active cultural institutions in Lublin. Previous summer seasons proofed it is a space with a unique charm, attracting large audiences.

More that 50 events: concerts, performances, cinema, workshops, meetings and more.

Music presented in the Inner Courtyard is often a combination of classical instrumentation and electronics, an intelligent dialogue of dance music with dark pop, non-normative varieties of jazz and improvised music.

Performing this year, among others, are:

JanJiggah – music producer, creates backing tracks to which he adds parts of the trumpet, futher edited with sound effects.

Tęskno – is a project of a singer, composer and songwriter Joanna Longić. The music released under this name is characterized by an instantly recognizable sound that combines classical instrumentation with subtle electronics and poetic texts.

Marek Dyjak – the artist will present material from his latest album “Beautiful Installer”, which was released on November 29, 2019.

Baasch – The band will present material from their third album, which is a continuation of the carefully developed style known from the previous albums – an intelligent dialogue between dance music and dark-pop.

Jazzpospolita – the band enters the 20s in a new lineup, with a new album, but with the same idea that has guided him since his founding in 2008: playing jazz in an unorthodox way.

Alameda 5 – is the end effect of musical searches centered around trance, progressive electronics of the ’70s and more extreme and non-standard varieties of jazz and improvised music.

Szatt / Golden – Złote Twarze Live Band is a project that carries out a vision of ambitious electronic music entwined with a deep cello sound, cold electric guitar strings, based on the dynamics of strong drums for taste sprinkled with a pinch of vocals.

Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden
July – August

Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” is an amazing place located in the Saxon Garden which for years has been a place surrounded by extraordinary cultural events. Energetic concerts, spectacles, a movie theatre under the starts, demonstrations by sztukmistrze (conjurers) and dancers. Those events each year attract many citizens of Lublin.

Around 100 events: concerts, spectacles, workshops

Those are the starts of this year events:
Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia
Standard Brass Band
Marie / Kokavice
Orkiestra Stylowa
Dollars & Birds Freestyle
Lublin Street Band
Salsa – Casa de la Danza
Junior Stress & D’Roots Brothers

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