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Lublin Dance Theatre

The Department runs artistic and educational activities at the Centre for Culture in Lublin since 2001. It was founded on the initiative of Hanna Strzemiecka, the long-time choreographer and artistic director of the ensemble as well as Anna Żak, Ryszard Kalinowski and Wojciech Kaproń, leaders of the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin University of Technology, one of the leading contemporary dance groups in Poland in the 90s. In time, Beata Mysiak, Anna Kalita and Konrad Kurowski joined the Theatre contributing to the creation of a professional contemporary dance centre engaged in numerous ventures and cooperation with cultural institutions in Poland and abroad.


The Theatre also conducts artistic activities, and the shape of the productions is created both in the process of individual search of each member of the theatre as well as cooperation with Polish and European choreographers. The characteristic feature of Theatre’s work is the search for the original form of expression by creating a movement based on the physique of the body and exposing the individual expression of the dancer. The group presented its performances at numerous festivals in Poland and abroad, also conducting workshops and other educational activities.
The most important projects organized by the Theatre are: International Dance Theatre Meetings, Summer Dance Forum, “Thought in Motion” and the Movement Center. From 2013, the Lublin Dance Theater is a partner of the European dance network Aerowaves, and in 2014, together with the Institute of Music and Dance it has co-organized the Polish Dance Platform, one of the most important reviews of Polish dance. Theatre is also an important partner in the Eastern Partnership, which has two major programs: “Direction – East, Station – Dance” (2015) and “Choreographies – Eastern Partnership” (2016).

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