A recipe for Leonard Cohen

19:00 - 10.02.2023 - 50/60 zł - more

A recipe for Leonard Cohen

19:00 - 10.02.2023 - 50/60 zł - more
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A surprising story from the life of Leonard Cohen in a unique musical performance by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski.

The performance is based on the true story of singer Leonard Cohen, who in the 90s holed up in a Buddhist monastery for 5 years. The author of the songs such as “Hallelujah” or “Dance me to the end of love” took the name Jikan – the one who is silent. In our story, he is visited on Mount Baldy by the greatest stars of world music, and their surprising stories about Cohen are based on authentic statements.
How did their acquaintance with the Canadian bard influence them? What did it inspire them to do?
“A recipe …” is complemented by new, innovative arrangements of songs performed live and the non-obvious humour of the Canadian singer-songwriter.

In 1994, Leonard Cohen left show business and civilization to hide in a Zen monastery on Mount Baldy in California. He became a Zen monk, receiving the Japanese name Jikan. After spending 5 years in a convent, he abandoned it for a Woman.
Body and Mystic – Cohen’s two worlds …

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski, director

director: Łukasz Witt-Michałowski; script: Łukasz Witt-Michałowski; cast: Matylda Damięcka (vocal); Tomasz Deutryk (drums); Max Kowalski (double bass); Tomasz Kraśkiewicz (electric guitar, acoustic guitar); Mateusz Gurgul (accordion); Rafał Tyliba (percussion instruments); Łukasz Witt – Michałowski (vocals); set design: Piotr Bednarski, Łukasz Witt-Michałowski; costumes: ElBruzda; poster design: Matylda Damięcka; video: Bart Wolniewicz; lighting director: Marcin “Kabat” Kowalczuk; sound direction: Andrzej “Czopper” Czop; technical support: Michał “Misiek” Mirgos; translation of lyrics: Daniel Wyszogrodzki, Maciej Zembaty

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A recipe for Leonard Cohen

10-02-2023 - 50/60 zł - more

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