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Another news story

16:00 - 25.03.2018 - more

In Orban Wallace’s film, there is no shortage of the sorts of images that have been dominating media reports from Europe over the past two years: rubber rafts landing on the rocky beaches of Lesbos, packed crowds wandering through the endless Balkan landscape, railway stations converted into makeshift accommodations for migrants and refugees. But despite the title, the young British filmmaker has not made another documentary about the European refugee crisis. The protagonists are journalists covering this contemporary tale of migration from Greece to Germany. Thanks to the director’s simple gesture of turning his camera around 180 degrees, we can get to know some of the people who are shaping the way we see the refugee crisis. The very same individuals and crews are often met at different stages of the journey, which allows Wallace to develop both the protagonists and the drama of the film. In his documentary, the media obviously “play” not only themselves, but they are also a clear metaphor for our European view of these newcomers.




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Another news story

25-03-2018 - more

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