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B6 / Progizer

20:00 - 07.08.2020 - Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden - more

B6 / Progizer

20:00 - 07.08.2020 - more

The band was founded in 2017 in Lublin. It is a synthesis of four personalities from which a complex musical relationship was created. Through sounds, they express their views on the world and convey a solid dose of emotions to the audience. Genre presented by B6 is a pop-rock crossover.
They debuted at the National Review “Short Speed” in Siedlce, where they ranked 1st. For two years they managed to play dozens of concerts in Poland and release their debut EP “Presence”, which was well received by critics and listeners. Their single “Glasses” reached the 1st place in the “Lublista” list of Polish Radio Lublin. They have won many awards at national reviews of rock bands. They performed on one stage with bands such as Myslovitz, LemON and TGD. Recently, they also played at the Agnieszka Osiecka Concert Studio, a concert which air on the radio.
The chairman of the jury – Mietek Jurecki, said about them: ‘They should play at the biggest festivals and show the modesty of real artists and real skills’; ‘magic’; ‘where were they hiding until now?’

Martyna Sabak – vocals
Kuba Stasikowski – guitar
Arek Borzęcki – bass
Piotrek Karczewski – drums

The band was founded in September 2015 in Lublin. The main idea from the beginning was to create music that, despite its traditional rock roots, would be the essence of what is the most important in music. At one point, the band focused on rock with a mixture of heavy metal, based on strong guitar riffs and energetic, had vocals by Fela. It was the result of a widely understood compromise, caused by extremely different musical preferences.
Progizer concerts perfectly reflect the emotions accompanying the band which won’t let anyone remain indifferent.

Fela – vocals,
Grześ – guitar,
Kuskes – guitar,
Arecki -bass guitar,
Poldek – drums.


Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden


Studio of Socially Engaged Art “Rewiry”

tel: 81 466 61 22

B6 / Progizer

07-08-2020 - more

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