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12:00 - 10.02.2018 - Biała Gallery - more


12:00 - 10.02.2018 - more

An exhibition of works by Urszula Pieregończuk and Mariusz Libel. The presentation consists of a series of over a dozen painting works that formally combine the image with typography.

The theme of the exhibition touches on the questions constantly recurring in our culture about the foundations and assumptions of civilization, repeatedly demanding a new response to the permanent principle of progress. It is a nstory about being and a being who seeks to justify himself in a complicated system, on one hand through relativism leading to chaos, on the other through ideologies leading us to tyranny.

They will be accompanied by large-format murals made on the gallery’s walls. The union of these three elements, i.e. form, content and context, allows for the emergence of a special kind of work in which the sense and its carrier complement each other and broaden the spectrum of the semantic field. Part of the exhibition will show the documentation of the creative process of joint work of both artists.


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The Biała Gallery

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10-02-2018 - more

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