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Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz: Sublimation

18:00 - 23.10.2020 - Biała Gallery - more

Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz: Sublimation

18:00 - 23.10.2020 - more

Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz in his work, day by day, comments on the pandemic reality and life in Poland full of prejudice and divisions.

He ironically creates monuments of nationalism, racism and discrimination. The artist is a collector of experiences and emotions, found objects, and all kinds of energy that he sublimes into his art. In spaces full of symbolism, there are paintings, drawings, photographs, and installations that obsessively and meticulously process the collected motifs. The past, the present, and the future smoothly blend with each other and various events are constantly analyzed and transformed, creating a complex, multi-threaded, and very personal exhibition – the artist’s first individual exhibition in Lublin.

Entrance to the Biała Gallery from the square in from of the Centre for Culture in Lublin

Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz (1985) – a visual artist. A Painting graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He creates paintings, drawings, videos, murals, and installations. He is an observer of everyday life which he regularly comments in his drawing diaries. He collects stories and items from the past that he is often inspired by. In his works he combines a spontaneous and often destructive gesture with tedious, time-consuming, and extremely precise action. He is interested in obsessively repetetive motifs.


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Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz: Sublimation

23-10-2020 - more

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