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Black on white

10:00 - 05.08.2020 - Galeria Sztuczki - korytarz parter przy wejściu „Biblioteka” - more

Black on white

10:00 - 05.08.2020 - more

The human eye and the sense of sight develop already in utero.

After birth, the process continues. In the beginning, the infant’s vision is not clear, its world is blurred and two-dimensional. It cannot see the depth but can see sharp contours and large patterns. After a month of the black and white world, the red begins to appear. The baby watches slow movements and most intensely concentrates on faces. The exhibition “Black on white” was designed so both the child and the parent can benefit from the cognitive value of experiencing the illustrations and watching the sequences of patterns.
Visit the exhibition repetitively to see how the little ones ‘read’ this world, how they focus their eyes longer and longer, follow the objects with their eyes for a longer time.

illustrations: Katarzyna Barej
concept: Liza Szczęśliwa

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund


Galeria Sztuczki - korytarz parter przy wejściu „Biblioteka”


Little Art Studio

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Black on white

05-08-2020 - more

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