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Classics in the Gazebo: Małgorzata Pietroń

13:00 - 13.08.2023 - Altana w Wąwozie Jana Pawła II, Czuby - free admission - more

Classics in the Gazebo: Małgorzata Pietroń

13:00 - 13.08.2023 - free admission - more

A series of classical music concerts on Sunday afternoons with performances of young artists. An introduction about music will by given by Dimitri Harelau.

Małgorzata Pietroń – her adventure with music began at the age of 5 in Ognisko Pracy extracurricular in Poniatowa. For nearly 15 years she was an active member of the choir Szczygiełki and the early music ensemble Scholares Minores pro Musica Antiqua, z with which she won awards at the most significant competitions in the country and for border. In 2009, she began her studies at the Academy of Music in Poznań in the class
cello by Tomasz Lisiecki. Currently, he cooperates with many Lublin companies institutions and orchestras, participates in various projects performing almost all types of music, from folk music to classical and opera, pop and jazz music (Voo Voo, Beata i Bajm, Maryla Rodowicz, Doda, Piotr Selim, Tatvamasi). Where? Gazebo in John Paul II Gorge, Czuby / For whom? For everyone!

Dymitr Harelau – Pianist, organist and musicologist. A graduate of the Nowopołock University of Music in Belarus and the Institute of Musicology of the Catholic University of Lublin. He deals with it every day through music, playing in live performances and creating his own compositions for performances. He collaborates with the Teatr im. J. Osterwy in Lublin and the Centre Theater Practices “Gardzienice”.

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Classics in the Gazebo: Małgorzata Pietroń

13-08-2023 - free admission - more

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