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Dakh Daughters: Roses

18:00 - 14.06.2018 - Main Auditorium - more

Dakh Daughters: Roses

18:00 - 14.06.2018 - more

It’s a play about love, freedom and beauty that can save the world.

Creating the atmosphere of a French salon, the artist in “Roses” shake the audience, quickly changing anger for kindness, slow rhythm for a fast one or a pause, and manipulate the emotions of the audience. Dakh Daughters will co-create with the audience a rock opera, discovering new forms of popular music, or developing the context needed for today’s world.

Dakh Daughters create a mixture of burlesque, ballet, electronics and folk with a punk-rock claw, backed by finesse and skills of seven girls who have been in the band since 2012. The members of the band are primarily actresses, which makes each of their songs a mini-performance.

Dakh Daughters is a music and theatre project that is a mix of different styles and genres; combining folk elements, pop, kitsch, dark cabaret and sophisticated salonism with texts of Ukrainian classics, rap and folklore. The name refers to the Dakh Theater, founded by Vlad Troicky associated with the project. The band consists seven young girls playing fifteen instruments, singing in several languages and dialects. In their work, they refer to the texts of William Shakespeare, Josif Brodsky and Charles Bukowski. Group members are associated with the Dakha Brakha and Perkalaba groups.


Main Auditorium

Dakh Daughters: Roses

14-06-2018 - more

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