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Damięcka / Łukasiewicz

20:30 - 28.07.2023 - Courtyard - 50/60 zł - more

Damięcka / Łukasiewicz

20:30 - 28.07.2023 - 50/60 zł - more
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In 2022, Matylda Damięcka and Radek Łukasiewicz faced the theme of passing, death and mourning on the album by Polskie Znaki. Matilda lent her visual and vocal skills. Now they continue to work as a duo.

They create music on the borderline of such genres as pop, indie pop and synth pop. The band consists of: Matylda Damięcka – vocals and lyrics and Radek Łukasiewicz – guitar, bass, synthesizers and music production. Matylda/Łukasiewicz is an absolute novelty on the Polish music market, and the duo has already made itself known. Their first single heralding the upcoming album, Matka, quickly won the recognition of
critics and listeners and reached the first place on the Radio 3/5/7 charts. The next singles, Close and Men, proved the unique sound that distinguishes their music. After all, we know Radek Łukasiewicz well from the bands Pustki and Bisz/Radex. He has also written songs
for other artists. Brodka, Artur Rojek and Piotr Zioła.

“We ponder on the subject what it's like for a woman and a man to live in the modern world, full of expectations and social pressure. Ordinary life, extraordinary form.”

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Damięcka / Łukasiewicz

28-07-2023 - 50/60 zł - more

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