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Multicultural Lublin


20:30 - 26.05.2018 - more

In its work Dikanda focuses on the authenticity of style, searching for new trends, creating original compositions. They draw their musical inspiration from traditional and folk sounds of widely understood orient – from the Balkans, through Israel, Kurdistan, Belarus to India. In their music one can hear mainly the Balkan and Gypsy sounds.
What’s characteristic for the band is how they create new words in song lyrics. This way, the original language of the group was created – “dikandish”.

The band was formed in 1997 in Szczecin. It has released 7 albums – including the recording of a concert at the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane. The band played hundreds of concerts (mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also in Russia, India and the USA). They also won numerous awards – including the “Album of the Year” of the German magazine “Folker” awarded in 2005 for “Usztijo”.


The Inner Courtyard


Laboratory of Word – Study of Culture

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26-05-2018 - more

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