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Down by law

18:45 - 05.06.2022 - Cinema - 12/15 zł - more

Down by law

18:45 - 05.06.2022 - 12/15 zł - more
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Jarmusch’s cult black comedy set in the American South.

A prison cell somewhere in New Orleans is shared by three unlucky people: unemployed DJ Zack (Tom Waits), pimple Jack (John Lurie) and poker player Roberto (Roberto Benigni). Contrary to the gloomy comrades, the latter, the perky Italian who is struggling in English, is full of optimism and hope, although in truth there are no grounds for this optimism. It is him who devises an escape plan that lead the characters through the treacherous swamps of Louisiana to the inn lost among the swamp.

The American South is an area penetrated by Tennesse Williams and American “black” detective stories from the 1940s. “Down by law” appears in this context as an ostentatious anti-crime novel. Jarmusch himself called it a comedy “neo-bit-noir”, based on the contrast between the expectations of routine perception and the ostentatious refusal to fulfill them. The character of Roberto, with his Italian temperament and linguistic lapses, also works for the comedic effect.

The title “Down by Law” is a slang phrase with several meanings – to be an outsider; worry about nothing; to be cool, calm, and finally – to be “out of law”. And Jarmusch’s heroes are down by law in every way!

director: Jim Jarmusch
cast: John Lurie, Roberto Benigni, Tom Waits
comedy-drama, criminal / USA, West Germany / 1986
duration: 107 min

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Down by law

05-06-2022 - 12/15 zł - more

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