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Dream about the City

21:00 - 14.08.2017 - dziedziniec Zamku Lubelskiego - more

Dream about the City

21:00 - 14.08.2017 - more

A stunning theatrical performance giving an overview of important moments in the history of Lublin.

4, 5, 10, 11th of August, 9 p.m.

dziedziniec Zamku Lubelskiego

director: Janusz Opryński

A young couple: her – an aerial silk daner, him – a slackliner,  accompanied by magicians and other circus artists will present dramas and falls, revivals and moments of great happiness from our city’s past.

The performance is set against the spectacular set design by Jarosław Koziara with his mystical, massive sun and the music by a Lublin’s composer, Rafał Rozmus. Zbigniew Dziduch reads the historical text, and Dorota Landowska recites excerpts of “A Poem About Lublin” by Józef Czechowicz.

The first, enthusiastically received presentation of “Dream about the City” took place in Wrocław, in the frame of the European Capital of Culture in 2016; it was reprised as a part of the celebration of the Anniversary of the City of Lublin in 2017. This year, presentations of “Dream about the City” will take place as part of the celebrations of Lublin 1918-2018. Inspired by freedom.

Historical text by Michał Miłosz Zieliński reads Zbigniew Dziduch.
Excerpts of “Poem about Lublin”  by Józef Czechowicz recites Dorota Landowska.


dziedziniec Zamku Lubelskiego


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Dream about the City

14-08-2017 - more

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