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20:00 - 24.07.2020 - Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden - more


20:00 - 24.07.2020 - more

The band plays songs inspired by the traditional music of the Second Polish Republic, in particular the music of the areas where different cultures and traditions meet and permeate each other.

Artists from different parts of Poland were united by common musical fascinations, but also the unique atmosphere of the Lublin Region, where they decided to settle down. Here, among forests, water and fields, cities, towns, and villages, the band set its headquarters. The band aims to present old folk songs in their interpretation to the contemporary audience. TMusicians try to faithfully preserve the lyrics and melodies of the songs and – using the available instruments – fully reflect their mood. The band plays instruments widely present in Polish folk music, especially in the traditional music of the Lublin region: accordion, drum, violin, clarinet, tambourine, mandolin, mandola. But they also enjoy incorporating instruments from other regions, used in music from which cultures derive: Ukrainian icicles, balalaika, domra, Hutsul drum, Slovak bagpipes or fujara. The specificity of their music is to combine traditional Slavic folklore with new sounds and their arrangement. Thanks to this the listener can ahear instruments such as Irish whistles, Old Polish Biłgoraj bitch, South American reco-reco or Mongolian toushpulur.
Drewutnia performs throughout the country and abroad, participating in festivals, outdoor events, folk dance games, weddings, and banquets. They cooperate with cultural centres of the Lublin region, the Department of Textology And Grammar of Contemporary Polish Language of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, the Open Air Village Museum in Lublin, ethnic minorities, and the Association for the Integration of Disabled Artists “House of Music”.
The band was the originator and main organizer of the first international Slavic Christmas Carol Festival in Poland “Kolędowe Gody z Folkowa Z farm”. The group also runs intensive educational activities, bringing instruments, songs, and culture to students of schools and kindergartens during workshops and presentations.


Concert Amphitheater “The Shell” in Saxon Garden


Studio of Socially Engaged Art “Rewiry”

tel: 81 466 61 22


24-07-2020 - more

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