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Ende Neu at Konfrontacje: Charlie, toutestmagnifique

22:00 - 02.10.2021 - Basement of the Centre - admission is free - more

Ende Neu at Konfrontacje: Charlie, toutestmagnifique

22:00 - 02.10.2021 - admission is free - more

Born in Berlin and living in Krakow, DJ, Charlie is acomposer and producer, one of the active figures in the Polish club scene.

As part of the “SZUM” series, she organizes events to which sje invites artists associated with various genres – musicians known and still “undiscovered”; both Polish and foreign artists. In addition, together with the curators Arkadiusz Półtorak and Martyna Nowicka, she organizes the “Primer for city dwellers” – a long-term series of exhibitions, music events and film screenings devoted, among others, to the transformations of urban culture in the 20th and 21st centuries. She is the author of many original compositions, incl. musical setting for the exhibitions of Marek Chlanda (Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, 2018), Karolina Jarzębak (Primer for City Residents, 2019) and films by Mai Deren and Kenneth Anger (Lava Festival, 2017). In 2020, at the Jasna 1 club in Warsaw, she presented her first multi-instrumental live performance using analog synthesizers and made her debut with her releases on compilations of the Dom Trojga and Mechatronica labels.

The sponsor of the Festival Club and the 26th edition of the Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival is the Tenczynek Brewery.

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Ende Neu at Konfrontacje: Charlie, toutestmagnifique

02-10-2021 - admission is free - more

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