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Wild Children Reserve

Family day at the Wild Children Reserve

10:00 - 26.09.2021 - Rezerwat Dzikich Dzieci - admission is free - more
Wild Children Reserve

Family day at the Wild Children Reserve

10:00 - 26.09.2021 - admission is free - more

September 2021 is probably the last month of operation of the Wild Children Reserve at Dolnej Panny Marii street. It is also a must-see on a family weekend programme!

Come andsee how much fun the children have put in to make this Reserve the best in its history. Add something from yourself. You can’t call it a season without a board nailed by yourself or a real mud soup on cones? We invite all regulars, as well as those who did not get on with the holidays…

Information for those who are concerned: we are in the process of establishing a new location, cross your fingers!

Wild Children Reserve is a separated area of environmental protection of free children’s play, inspired by the idea of Adventure Playground.

Children’s activity consists in creating space from scratch using the materials provided, building objects, bases, constructing a structure and playing in it. The only place in Poland where children can build on their own, participate in workshops and cultural events, use the Mud Kitchen and DIY zones, a garden and many other attractions with complete freedom.

Adults set up a Reserve, but it is children who shape it in accordance with the principles of free play. Our goal is to separate an open space in the center of the city and adapt it to creative, unconventional fun, focused on the development of social, cultural and manual ties and competences.

The task is implemented from the funds of the Civic Budget of the City of Lublin for 2021

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admission is free

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Rezerwat Dzikich Dzieci


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Family day at the Wild Children Reserve

26-09-2021 - admission is free - more

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