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19:00 - 14.11.2019 - Labyrinth Gallery - more


19:00 - 14.11.2019 - more

Three bodies. One field. The 100 best love songs.

They long for something to happen, for some explosion. They fight fiercely for love, for affection, for recognition. Startlingly athletic and dynamic, this trio is a battlefield.

Limbs tangle like tentacles, as the dancers cling to and struggle with each other. But is it just a frenzy signifying nothing? The more they are together, the more they feel alone. A performance about the tireless fight that something should happen in life. And the disillusionment that if something happens, then it’s not been the right thing. That the more you want to experience the less you experience. A performance that is trying to understand what drives people and how can we engage. A performance with three people who want to engage together. Who believe in the strength of being “TOGETHER” and who finally fail in that wish or that attempt.

It questions how we connect and communicate with others. It reflects on the impossibilities of these connections. Can one lose her / himself within the group? Can one give up on her / his individual thoughts? The performance shows a mechanism of tragedy and the inability to really meet one and another.

choreography: Tabea Martin
choreographic assistant: Viola Perra
dancers: Stéphanie Bayle, Luca Cacitti, Carl Staaf
dramaturgy: Youness Anzane
light designer: Minna Heikkilä
light: Dave Staring
costume: Mirjam Egli
tour Management: Larissa Bizer
thanks to: Sebastian Nübling, Matthias Mooij, Rebecca Weingartner, Laura Pregger, Pol Bierhoff
coproduction: Gymnase CDC / Roubaix – Kaserne Basel, Partners: Rotterdamse Schouwburg / Rotterdam – Theater aan het Vrijthof / Maastricht – Grand Theatre / Groningen – ADN / Neuchatel
with the support of: Centre National de la Danse / Paris -Kanton Basel-Landschaft
premiere: 9 April 2014
duration: 45 min


Labyrinth Gallery


Lublin Dance Theatre

tel: 81 466 61 46


14-11-2019 - more

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