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17:30 - 26.01.2018 - Sale prób - more


17:30 - 26.01.2018 - more

Dance workshops conducted in the GaGa movement language.

GaGa is a movement language developed for many years by Ohad Naharin and used in the daily training and dance practice by the Batsheva Dance Company. The GaGa language is based on the belief that the movement has a healing, dynamic, constantly changing power. GaGa is a new way of acquiring knowledge and self-awareness by the body.

Gaga / people classes are open to people from the age of 16, regardless of their experience in dancing or forms of movement. Previous experience, skills or dance training are not required. Gaga / people classes take 60 minutes and are run by dancers who cooperate with Ohad Naharin. The instructor guides the participants through the series of imagination stimulating instructions that overlap during the class. Instead of copying a particular move, each participant actively examines the commands, discovering how everyone can interpret information in their own way as well do the task quickly. Gaga / people classes offer a framework for creative work during which a better connection with one’s own body and imagination is developed, body awareness also increases, flexibility and endurance of the body improves and one experiences the pleasure of moving in an open, full of acceptance atmosphere.

Conducted by: Adi Weinberg-Prejna – a graduate of Haifa Program for Professional Dancers, she completed an internship at the Vertigo Dance Company. As a contemporary dancer, she performed at many festivals around the world. She collaborated with the Fresco Dance Company, the Israel Opera and many choreographers such as Andrea Costanzo Martini, Nadar Rosano and Efrat Rubin. She is a certified GaGa teacher and Shiatsu therapist, Ayurveda massage therapist and Pilates trainer.


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26-01-2018 - more

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