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Goldberg Variations [ONLINE]

20:00 - 14.11.2020 - Online - more

Goldberg Variations [ONLINE]

20:00 - 14.11.2020 - more

We invite You for a „Goldberg Variations” spectacle record with choreography by Michiel Vandevelde.

How open, democratic and accessible is dance nowadays?
Michiel Vandelvede’s The Goldberg Variations not only refers to the music of Bach, but also to the famous solo of Steve Paxton in the 80s.
In The Goldberg Variations Vandevelde traces the development of dance in relation to the development of democracy. The notion of democracy was important in the 70s and 80s for breaking the codes of dance and allowing everyday movement to enter the dancing. Yet, where are we 40 years later? What is the state of dance? What is the state of democracy?
In the piece, the music is performed on the accordion by Philippe Thuriot, who, in 2015, transposed Bach’s music to the accordion. Thuriot himself is the result of an exciting cross-pollination of classical music, jazz and his parents’ bar.
The polyphony of the numerous variations in Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ is also reflected in the various layers of this dance performance. A reflection on the condition of dance today, on the state of democracy, and on the various shapes and forms of physicality.

Goldberg Variations – online

Choreography: Michiel Vandevelde
Dance: Oskar Stalpaert, Michiel Vandevelde and Audrey Merilus
Music: Philippe Thuriot
Scenography: Michiel Vandevelde, with the support of Tom Callemin
Dramaturgy: Kristof van Baarle
Costume design: Tutia Schaad
Technicians: Maxim Van Meerhaeghe, Ferre Carron
Production: Platform-K
Co-production: Vooruit (Gent – BE), Kaap (Brugge – BE)
Distribution: Something Great (Berlin – DE)

With the support of: Flemish Government, National Lottery, City of Ghent, Konekt, King Baudouin Foundation
With thanks to: Campo (Gent – BE), Kaaitheater (Brussels – BE)




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Goldberg Variations [ONLINE]

14-11-2020 - more

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