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19:00 - 10.09.2018 - more

The film is set in a terrorizing world of the future, where technology commands the movements of individuals, supervised by the doctors, carrying out a program to improve the human race. Thus, instead of doctors creating a monster, the monsters are already there as the species of the future – but one of them is suspected by the doctors of being a human being. That is Golem in reverse.

In the distant future, after serious changes caused by a nuclear disaster, it would be unbelievable that people change their way of being and becoming less humans? No doubt many harden their hearts or lose their humanity and lucidity. But there may be hope … An experiment to create the “super human” again, more human than the others: in this case, Pernat. A relatively complex and dense film, in which social values are put into analysis in sarcastic and subtly way by the author of the film, Piotr Szulkin. The setting of the film is harrowing, with some strongly surrealistic passages, such as faces falling and missing persons. The physiological-social experiment done with human and strongly denied by the authorities, brings us a being created by human, but more human than others. In contrast to the original story of the Golem, which would be an animated being made from inanimate matter, devoid of feelings and intelligence, essentially obedient, our golem, Pernat, is extremely humane and considerate to those he sees as his fellows. Pernat is an experimental project, which will be discontinued by excessive humanity of the prototype.

directed by: Piotr Szulkin
drama, s-f / Poland / 1979
duration: 1 godz. 28 min




10-09-2018 - more

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