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19:00 - 26.04.2018 - Main Auditorium - more


19:00 - 26.04.2018 - more

„Homo-GO!” havs been created as the next phase of „stadium”, dance piece of 2008, inspired by the sculptures of Magdalena Abakanowicz.

In the second phase, we observe struggling to give a human aspect to shape itself; it is an attempt of a Human to break free from a mass form, his/her aspiration to become an Individual, to acquire their own identity. It is a painful process, with no certain promise of success. We often go back to the safe and already established patterns. The crowd, to which we keep coming back, amongst which we keep our never ending race through mundane gives us a glimpse of comfort, but even as a part of it, we still stay alone…

the idea and choreography: Anna Żak
performers: Magdalena Ciupa, Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz, Joanna Dudek, Dominika Jarosz, Beata Mysiak/Joanna Szot
music: To Rococco Rot, Ryoji Ikeda, Czajkowska/Latecki/Cierliński, ø (Mika Vainio)
video director: Anna Żak
video: Yaroslav Ilchyshyn, Zebra Production
light and costumes designer: Anna Żak
light: Grzegorz Polak
production: Contemporary Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology
supported by: Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Lubelski Teatr Tańca
premiere: 24. 06. 2017, Center for Culture in Lublin


Main Auditorium


Lublin Dance Theatre

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26-04-2018 - more

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