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Jacek Kleyff and Orkiestra na Zdrowie

18:00 - 22.02.2020 - Main Auditorium - more

Jacek Kleyff and Orkiestra na Zdrowie

18:00 - 22.02.2020 - more

The concert will inaugurate this year’s edition of the nationwide Operation Clean River 2020 project.

This will be both a musical event and a meeting of friends, supporters and volunteers of the project. During the concert, we will hear the most important songs from the works of Jacek Kleyff and Orkiestra na Zdrowie, including the song “Huśtawka”, which is the official anthem of the Operation Clean River project. The band are: Jacek Kleyff, Słoma, Anna Patynek, Niasta Nakrasava, Jacek Mazurkiewicz.

The proceeds from the tickets will be allocated to the purchase of garbage containers Operation Clean River – a nationwide social campaign initiated in 2019 by the Kraina Bugu magazine, which aims to clean up the banks of Polish rivers.


Main Auditorium


Artistic Management

tel: 81 466 61 09

Jacek Kleyff and Orkiestra na Zdrowie

22-02-2020 - more

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