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Jerzy Małek Quartet

19:00 - 02.11.2023 - Main Auditorium - 35/50 zł - more

Jerzy Małek Quartet

19:00 - 02.11.2023 - 35/50 zł - more
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The quartet's music is a fusion of many musical genres, combined with untamed jazz improvisation.

Jerzy Małek is an outstanding Polish trumpeter and jazz composer. Over the last two decades, he has gained recognition as the creator of his own music, leader of his own projects and a sideman. Thanks to his collaboration with artists such as Michał Urbaniak, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Wojciech Karolak, Zbigniew Wegehaupt and Marek Dyjak, he became known as an excellent trumpeter, composer and arranger. In addition to his jazz activities, he has extensive experience in creating music for theatre and films. The quartet with which Jerzy Małek performs, playing original compositions from the albums "Air",
"Stalgia", "Black Sheep" and the latest "Gravity", includes friends who are currently leaders in Polish jazz, having cooperated over the years with legends both Polish and world music scene.

The musical style in which Małek expresses himself, both as a composer and an instrumentalist, can be perceived on many levels. Starting from the harmonic layer, there are extensive modernist combinations of chords creating a common narrative, distinguished by the impressionistic development of form. This feature allows to combine elements of modern jazz with other musical genres or their components, which a trained ear will recognize after a while.

The melodic layer consists of musical phrases emphasizing the sonoristic harmony of the composition, which can be repeated after the first listening, which means that the music has a communicative aspect even for an unsophisticated recipient. And finally, the rhythmic layer, very rich, connecting the entire project, creating, together with the rest of the elements, the quintessence of this musical style. The band’s improvisation can be classified as broadly understood modernist jazz, so you can hear echoes of the playing of masters Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw. a,
Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau and many others. Above all, the most important feature of Jerzy Małek's work is the desire to reflect reality through sounds. The language of jazz is as if created for telling various types of stories. In each piece, through the colour of the harmony and its consequences, you can detect the intention of the message, the narrative, the story that emerges and becomes complete through improvisation. Improvisation, in the case of the trumpeter's work, reflects the essence of the stories told.

Jerzy Małek – trumpet, flugelhorn
Piotr Wyleżoł – piano
Andrzej Święs – double bass
Patryk Dobosz – drums

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Jerzy Małek Quartet

02-11-2023 - 35/50 zł - more

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