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Journey inside a painting – interactive exhibition

18:00 - 30.01.2018 - Oratory - more

Journey inside a painting – interactive exhibition

18:00 - 30.01.2018 - more

For the winter holidays the Art Carousel has prepared an interactive exhibition for children, with a video presentation.

We invite you on a journey to the world of art full of paintings in which you can immerse yourself and experience them completely differently than in museums. We will see works of old and contemporary art, well known and less known, which will come alive on the walls of the Oratory. Everyone will be able to become their protagonist, enter into mysterious spaces, meet different characters, adding their own fragment of the story. A visual story inscribed in the architecture of the Centre for Culture will showcase paintings in a new light as a starting point for children’s creation.

Participants of the exhibition are members of the Artistic Association “Open Studio” in Lublin: Tomasz Bielak, Seweryn Chwała, Emrah Gökdemir, Paweł Korbus, Magdalena Łata, Kamil Stańczak, Sławomir Toman and other friends: Oliwia Beszczyńska, Kamila Czosnyk, Zofia Kiciński. An important part of the exhibition is a multimedia mapping prepared especially for the exhibition by Bart Wolniewicz.




Art Carousel


Journey inside a painting – interactive exhibition

30-01-2018 - more

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