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Katarzyna Leszek: Dance jam

20:00 - 08.10.2022 - Sala prób nr 4 - 25 zł / registration - more

Katarzyna Leszek: Dance jam

20:00 - 08.10.2022 - 25 zł / registration - more

Jam offers cleansing, dancing, the opportunity to step out of everyday life and jump into the rhythms of our bodies, their personal and the surrounding spaces.

To unite with each other, and maybe also with a group. To experience the feeling of strength in the body, and strength in letting go. Simply, to let go of everyday life and tensions, let go of divisions, for unity. To look for solutions and possibilities in the body, better understand the space of your body and find it in the environment. To awaken creativity and broaden your perspective. To create a space open to action, to making decisions and not evaluating them, for space for us and our exploration. To be with oneself, or to be with others, for movement and stillness. As a matter of fact, to be whatever you want.

Katarzyna Leszek: A graduate of Dance in Physical Culture at the University of Physical Education in Poznań, the Experimental Choreography Course at Centrum w Ruchu in Warsaw, and second degree studies in Choreography at the Academy of Music in Łódź. She took part in the Vertigo Dance Company International Dance Program in Jerusalem, Israel, and completed the International Contemporary Dance Program at the Nuova Officina Della Danza school in Turin, Italy. Co-founder of the Nieznany Dance Theatre collective. Since 2021, she has been cooperating with the Newer Theater, where she co-created a performance directed by Tomasz Ciesielski CLOSE, in which she also performs. Winner of the International Solo Dance Contest 2021 as part of the 13th Gdańsk Dance Festival for the work ‘illusions of shameless abundance’. In her movement practices, she works mainly with improvisation, the broadly understood language of modern dance, as well as with sensitivity to own body, and processes taking place in it, as well as the flow of information resulting from the mind-body relationship. She also looks for real feelings and impressions resulting not from assumptions, but from specific reactions of the body and mind to the stimulus delivered. She develops her workshop through dynamic activities and research in the field of dance art, working with artists from around the world.

The Spaces of Art programme is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, implemented by the National Institute of Music and Zbigniew Raszewski Dance and the Theatre Institute.

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25 zł / registration

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Katarzyna Leszek: Dance jam

08-10-2022 - 25 zł / registration - more

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