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Krzysztof Franaszek: Blackout

12:00 - 27.05.2023 - Biała Gallery - free admission - more

Krzysztof Franaszek: Blackout

12:00 - 27.05.2023 - free admission - more

In his artistic practice Franaszek deals with the subject of human existence in the urbanized spaces.

He mainly creates sculptures and installations that refer to the hidden infrastructure in the urban agglomeration. He experiments with light, sound, asphalt, tar, earth, metal, concrete, plastics and 3D printing. His works are arranged in separate threads, resulting from the specificity of the gallery’s architecture. They create an artistic narrative full of surprising encounters with forms created on the basis of industrial destruction. It can take on an ominous, even catastrophic dimension, which also appears in the title of the exhibition, which refers to the dependence of civilization on the natural resources of our planet. The exhibitions consist of earlier works and those prepared especially for this exhibition. The forms create contrasting and abstract references also by generating sound thanks to the artist’s collaboration with musicians Michał Białek and Tomasz Gos.

Krzysztof Franaszek was born in 1981 in Lublin. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he also works.

musical installation – Michał Białk, Tomasz Gos
text – Tomasz Stawiszyński
robotics – Piotr Cieślik

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Biała Gallery

Krzysztof Franaszek: Blackout

27-05-2023 - free admission - more

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