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Love and Saucers

19:00 - 09.04.2018 - Cinema - more

Love and Saucers

19:00 - 09.04.2018 - more

The story of David Huggins, an unassuming 72 year-old who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings

– including an inter-species romance with an E.T. woman (with whom he lost his virginity to), and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings. Are his experiences dream, hallucination, or could they be reality?

directed by: Brad Abrahams
dokumentary, biopic, mystery / USA / 2017
duration: 1 hour 7min
tickets: 12/15 zł

Splat! Nights are screenings of the most important and best contemporary films from the borderline of horror and fantasy. This is a year-round series, being part of the international festival of horror and the Splat Film genre FilmFest (Lublin, Warsaw).



Love and Saucers

09-04-2018 - more

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