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Lublin Film Festival presents: (Non)adulthood

18:00 - 22.10.2018 - Cinema - more

Lublin Film Festival presents: (Non)adulthood

18:00 - 22.10.2018 - more

The series Lublin film Festival all year round is a presentation of films connected by the same subject, form, idea, presented and submitted to the Festival.

Evil Deeds, dir. Piotr Domalewski (Poland) 2016, 24’
Max, ten year old son of hospital cleaner, has been caught trying to steal a patient’s wallet. The old pensioner decides not to report the theft, instead asks a boy to complete three tasks. Film presented at Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Shanghai, Baku, dir. Teymur Hajiyev (Azerbaijan ) 2015, 20’
Samir, an amateur filmmaker by sheer accident captures a video of his sister getting intimate with her boyfriend. Exposure of this recording can cause serious implications.

Indian, dir. Balazs Simonyi (Hungary) 2016, 29’
Back in the late 70’s, young boy experiences the gloomy and strict life of a pioneer camp. He dreams about trip to USA and becoming an Indian. Film presented at Warsaw Film Festival.

Liars, dir. Robert Hloz (Czech Republic) 2015, 27’
Fearing a whipping from their parents, a bunch of ten-year olds decide to hide the body of a dead friend, instead of forwarding the matter to the police. But no plan is ever bullet-proof. Or is it?




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Lublin Film Festival presents: (Non)adulthood

22-10-2018 - more

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