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Lublin in a song

18:00 - 09.02.2018 - Main Auditorium - more

Lublin in a song

18:00 - 09.02.2018 - more

Music of the band Lubelska Baszta is distinguished by the traditional character, original sound and style referring to the songs of the interwar period.

The band was formed in November 2000 in Lublin on the initiative of Adam Ardasiński. During the concert, we will hear, among others original songs of Andrzej Namiota, whose content and atmosphere are inspired by the history and beauty of Lublin.

The band
Adam Ardasiński – accordion, clarinet, saxophone, piano, vocals
Andrzej Namiota – bass guitar, vocals
Paweł Niewiarowski – guitar, vocals
Jacek Szpunar – violin, vocals


Main Auditorium


Laboratory of Word – Study of Culture

tel: 81 466 61 51

Lublin in a song

09-02-2018 - more

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