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Mats Gustafsson / Rob Mazurek / David Grubbs – The Underflow

19:00 - 20.01.2020 - Basement of the Centre - more

Mats Gustafsson / Rob Mazurek / David Grubbs – The Underflow

19:00 - 20.01.2020 - more

The Underflow is a collective of strong musical personalities that combine contrasts in their music: from the disturbance of sounds to the white noise.

A native of Sweden, Mats Gustafsson regularly appeared in Chicago while Mazurek and Grubbs made their mark on the experimental scene locally. In 2019 that the musicians decided to set up a joint project that was already hailed as a super group in the world of improvised music. The band is successfully performing outside the mainstream.

David Grubbs (US) – American guitarist, pianist and vocalist. Founder of the legendary Gastr Del Sol band, Squirrel Bait, Bastro. Worked with many bands and musicians such as Matmos, Boredoms, Luc Ferrari, Derek Bailey.

Mats Gustafsson (SE) – Swedish saxophonist. One of the most active freejazz musicians in the world. Leader of such bands as Fire !, Fire! Orchestra, The Thing. Participant of numerous accompanying projects with such musicians and bands as: Thurston Moore, Barry Guy and Paul Lovens, ZU, Dieb 13, Paal Nilssen-Love, Hamid Drake and many others.

Rob Mazurek (US) – American cornet player, trumpeter, visual artist, composer. Leader of pioneer bands such as Isotope 217, Chicago Underground and São Paulo Underground. He collaborated with Gastr Del Sol, Jim O’Rourke, Sam Prekop, Stereolab and Tortoise, among others.

David Grubbs – electric guitar, voice
Mats Gustafsson – saxophones, live electronics
Rob Mazurek – trumpet, electronics


Basement of the Centre


Artistic Management

tel: 81 466 61 09

Mats Gustafsson / Rob Mazurek / David Grubbs – The Underflow

20-01-2020 - more

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