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Naczynia / Oranżada

20:00 - 27.05.2023 - Courtyard - 30/50 zł - more

Naczynia / Oranżada

20:00 - 27.05.2023 - 30/50 zł - more
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Two groups juggling the genres of broadly understood alternative music performing in the Centre for Culture’s Courtyard.

The band was founded in 1999, and its name comes from the film "Night on Earth" directed by Jim Jarmush. The band has evolved pver time without losing its main core, which has been doing quite well from the beginning to this day. The group has performed concerts throughout the country and abroad. In 2006, the cult publishing house Obuh released the band's debut album entitled. "Naczynia zespołem". This material was recorded in the "Rogalów Analogowy" studio, on period equipment. On the album you can hear a large dose of alternative rock with influences of psychedelia, jazz and illustrative music.

Daniel "Danios" Furtak – drums
Dawid "Dawidu" Skowyra – keyboards
Ireneusz "Szampon" Tuźnik – bass guitar
Maciek Rodakowski – tenor saxophone
Marcin "Cynio" Duda – guitar
Sławomir "Moon" Księżniak – guitar

One of the most creative Polish underground bands. The group has meticulously built its own sound for nearly 25 years, which can be found on 5 albums and many recordings for radio plays and films. While developing musically, the band has also created a unique genre of its own, which is a combination of experimental kraut rock with affinities of many other genres of avant-garde and alternative music. Oranżada's latest album "Karma Tango" collects favourable reviews.The critics note that the last album, with its size and convincing elegance, contains music that only a few bands can deliver today. Rock music aside, the members of Oranżada have always indulged in deeper, experimental, cinematic and ambient music, composing soundtracks for films and visual arts. Scores from such recordings as Crazy Paz, Hypnoza or 17 September are an example of pure avant-garde, reaching composing levels a'la John Cage and the Polish maestro Penderecki. Their musical intuition oscillates from one extreme to the other, showing how each member of the band is open to various discrepancies resulting from intuitive improvisation, reaching even operetta, theatrical, experimental, visceral, prog-jazz climaxes.

  • Biało-czarne zdjęcie. Ujęcie z perspektywy żabiej. Fotografia przedstawia sześciu mężczyzn w bluzach lub sportowych kurtkach. Stoją obok siebie, znajdują się na łące.
  • Zdjęcie przedstawia czterech dorosłych mężczyzn. Dwóch z nich nosi okulary przeciwsłoneczne. Mężczyźni patrzą przed siebie, maja poważne miny. Tło za nimi jest pomalowane z zielone, pomarańczowe i żółte plamy. Na zdjęcie nałożony jest efekt winiety.
  • Biało-czarne zdjęcie przedstawia czterech mężczyzn. Mają szeroko otwarte oczy i robią groźne miny.

Visuals bu Radek /erBu/ Bułtowicz
Radek /eRBu/ Bułtowicz – visual "tortor" of concerts, theatre performances and events, e.g. with: groups Morion Trio, Dazkarieh, Ścianka, Melt Yourself Down and Grażyna Auguścik, Tomasz Stańko, John Scofield. eRBu performs 'mapping' of a scene or interior, following the idea that the screen is not enough. He often uses liquids in visualizations – he uses e.g. with diascopes, which gives the possibility of 'waving' the screen and the entire space. The above-mentioned background ornaments together with the impression of stop-motion animation are implemented using analog devices!

Robert Derlatka – bass guitar and vocals
Michał Krysztofiak – guitar and vocals
Maciej Łabudzki – electric piano, percussion, flutes
Artur Rzempołuch – drums

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30/50 zł

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Naczynia / Oranżada

27-05-2023 - 30/50 zł - more

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