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17:00 - 15.10.2023 - Dworzec Główny PKP - free admission / registration - more


17:00 - 15.10.2023 - free admission / registration - more

The Lublin version of Homer’s journey of Odysseus, presented in local reality.

Although the modern world is open to us, we are less and less likely to set out on a journey that is not only an adventure, but also a path of inner transformation. Today we can fly to the end of the world or even climb Mount Everest on a trip, but this does not mean that we cross any personal boundaries. We only experience the illusion of a rite of passage, which we willingly reinforce with an epic story on social media. The essence of the journey is what happens along the way. It is about shaking off youthful ideals and finding the meaning of life – your Ithaca. The Odyssey project is not only about evoking the motif of Homer’s journey of Odysseus.

  • Zdjęcie przedstawia tancerkę, która znajduje się na Dworcu Kolejowym. Za nią na torach stoi pociąg.
  • Zdjęcie przedstawia dwóch mężczyzn którzy znajdują się na peronie. Razem trzymają dużą torbę podróżną. Unoszą ja nad ziemię, jeden z z mężczyzn skacze.
  • Tancerze znajdują się na trzech peronach. Każdy z nich wykonuje identyczną figurę.

It is also an artistic path from mythological chaos to the poetry of Kubrick’s cosmos. A look into a world that has “gone out of shape”, awakening in Hamlet the need to repair it. We invite viewers to the place where the journey begins or ends. At the railway station – between the arrivals and departures of trains – we will experience the expedition together at various moments: just before “departure”, in the moment of doubt and in the process of maturation – the ritual “death to a new life”. Each participant will receive a headset, which will be a gateway to the intimate world created by the performers, which is inaccessible to random passers-by. Through the language of theater and dance, we will examine the extent to which the archetype of homo viator – a man on the road – is current for contemporary Europeans.

The premiere of the performance took place as part of the international Symposium “Laboratory of Dance/Dance as a Vantage Point” on September 19, 2020 at the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

choreography: Tomasz Ciesielski in close cooperation with the dancers; dance: Natalia ‘Sarna’ Kladziwa, Jakub Pewiński, Paweł Urbanowicz, Tomasz Ciesielski; music: Sean Palmer, Kuba Pałys Costumes: Damian Kretschmer; Production: Joanna Stasina; duration:
45 – 50 minutes

A performance selected for presentation from an open call for proposals – Art Spaces / Dance 2023

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15-10-2023 - free admission / registration - more

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