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18:00 - 06.11.2022 - 15/25 zł - more


18:00 - 06.11.2022 - 15/25 zł - more
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“Ona_s” (“About us” in Polish) is a story about us, about our dreams, about our fear and fears.

We want to explore, search, play with new forms, transform the “music video” dance that each of us dances for ourselves in an empty room. We want to dare to speak about ourselves, for ourselves, for ourselves, for all of us. We want to thank ourselves for never

She_s is us. We’re. We create. It’s me. It’s me. It’s us and you.

Concept, choreography and performance: Pamela Bosak, Agnieszka Ferenc
Dramaturgy: Michał Korda
Lighting direction: Klaudia Kasperska
Music: Kamil Tuszyński
Costumes: Pamela Bosak, Agnieszka Ferenc

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15/25 zł

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06-11-2022 - 15/25 zł - more

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