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Personal Truth / The Atomic Soldiers / Anubumin

18:40 - 17.03.2019 - Cinema - more
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Personal Truth / The Atomic Soldiers / Anubumin

18:40 - 17.03.2019 - more

Personal Truth
In his devilish and dynamically edited creative documentary, Charlie Lyne analyzes the phenomenon of fake news and shows there is only a very thin line separating common sense from belief in conspiracy theories.

directed by: Charlie Lyne
dokumentary / Great Britain/ 2017

The Atomic Soldiers
After half a century, the atomic soldiers who were forced to remain silent share their shocking testimonies. In Morgan Knibbe’s film, the last living witnesses to American nuclear tests from the 1950s describe an experience that changed their lives forever.

directed by: Morgan Knibbe
documentary / USA, The Netherlands / 2018

Dependent on international aid, the small island nation of Nauru in the Pacific is where Australians detain those they want to keep out. Ressler and Begg’s film contains unique hidden-camera recordings from centers where asylum seekers are held in inhumane conditions. The images are accompanied by the words of former employees, whistle-blowers who describe the tragic situation of people sentenced to remain indefinitely in a tropical hell.

directed by: Zanny Begg, Oliver Ressler
documentary / Austria, Australia / 2017




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Personal Truth / The Atomic Soldiers / Anubumin

17-03-2019 - more

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