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21:00 - 18.01.2020 - Basement of the Centre - more


21:00 - 18.01.2020 - more

The planetarium is an amazing sound journey through the closest and farthest corners of our planet, and maybe the entire solar system.

Sin (Poznań)
Sin is a trained player and it’s hard to list all the legends from the techno scene he supported. Founder of the Poznań promoter collective Analogen, member of the Urbanum agency and resident of the Poznań club Tama, in which he is responsible for the Monoteism series of events. He has been on the stage for 17 years, has performed among others at the Berlin club Tresor or Mayday Polska. Full of uncontrollable energy, his sets are full of charisma that flows straight from him is gets straight to everyone in the audience. This time, Sin will take us on a musical trip to Asia, where he has been travelling regularly for several years, also as a guide.

From Dub 2 Dub (Lublin)
The collective combines contemporary dance music with inspirations of the industrial electronics of the 80s and travels in the Middle East, India and South America. Dub reverbs, broken electronics, drums, ethnic songs, rhythm and pulse of the world.


Basement of the Centre


Adam Szczepanek

tel: 81 466 61 09


18-01-2020 - more

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