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Man in the Centre

Prison Sisters

19:00 - 21.02.2018 - Cinema - more
Man in the Centre

Prison Sisters

19:00 - 21.02.2018 - more

Nima Sarvestani completed his acclaimed documentary No Burqas Behind Bars—which won an Emmy, a Prix Europa, and a WATCH DOCS award—at a dramatic moment. Sara leaves an Afghan prison, where she could at least feel safe, to face almost certain death because of her abandoned husband’s family right to honor. What sort of freedom awaits Sara and her prison sister, the militant Najibeh? There is no easy way to predict the answer, and it is even more difficult to find it in the maze of clues in the streets of Afghanistan. Sara asks for asylum in Sweden and gets support from Nima and his wife, who give her a place to live. Najibeh is said to have been stoned to death in her home village. But this is just the beginning of the third part of Sarvestani’s Afghan trilogy, which is full of surprising twists and turns, a startling story of culture shock, the weight of enslavement, and the burden of freedom.

director: Nima Sarvestani
documentary / Sweden / 2016
duration: 90 min

Man in the Centre
This is a new film series with which we would like to draw attention to the importance of helping and protecting human dignity around the world. Every month we will present a film that sensitizes to social injustice, shows emotions and inspires to help others.

The series of film screenings on humanitarianism and assistance to those in need is supported by the Lublin Regional Branch of the Polish Red Cross.




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Prison Sisters

21-02-2018 - more

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