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Pupile Awangardy/Zagi

20:00 - 13.07.2018 - Marian Lutosławski's Bridge - more

Pupile Awangardy/Zagi

20:00 - 13.07.2018 - more

This time, Pupile Awangardy will prepare improvisation from very well-known ingredients. The male and female character of the two leading instruments, i.e. the bass and the female voice. Everything flows with impersonal sound and the mechanical and cyclical rhythm of pots, which twelve years ago served for cooking meals for the reggae band and have now been elevated to the rank of a wonderfully sounding instrument. In music, like in the kitchen, there is time for recipe and speculation.
Zagi is a girl with a guitar and an energetic temperament. She is the author of music and lyrics in Polish, with no sign of graphomania. The catchy compositions, fresh arrangements and emotional voice are its characteristic features. Zaga is accompanied by the band during concerts.


Marian Lutosławski's Bridge


Studio of Socially Engaged Art “Rewiry”

tel: 81 466 61 22

Pupile Awangardy/Zagi

13-07-2018 - more

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