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Rite of passage

19:00 - 10.05.2024 - The Black Room - 40/50 zł / mail registration - more

Rite of passage

19:00 - 10.05.2024 - 40/50 zł / mail registration - more
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We advise the viewers to wear casual clothing. Due to the site-specific space, the audience seating will not be on traditional theatre seats, and there are narrow spaces between the viewers.

Some of us miss a ritual. Some believe a ritual is still possible, even necessary. And then, there are people who, by shouting about it, have been deprived of their voice.

It is not a classic performance. This is an invitation to the Ritual. A ritual is different for everyone, but it is always a meeting with people, a shared experience. It is up to the viewers to what extent they will participate. How many rooms will they enter? Which scenario will they set into action. You can sit and watch, you can walk around, dance, scream, or take photos. This is your Rite of Passage.

  • Zdjęcie ze spektaklu. pomieszczenie jest obwieszone czerwonymi kotarami. Na środku stoi męzczyzna w czarnym kostiumie i kapeluszu na głowie. Unosi do góry laskę. Przed nim na ziemi leży półnagi mężczyzna. Na aktorów pada niebieskie światło.
  • Zdjęcie ze spektaklu. Na scenie znajduje się półnagi mężczyzna. Na przeciwko niego stoi mężczyzna w czarnym fraku i kapeluszu. Otaczają ich kotary.
  • Zdjęcie przedstawia scenę ze spektaklu. Przy konsoli i instrumentach klawiszowych stoi mężczyzna ubrany w marynarkę z printem w trupie czaszki.
  • Zdjęcie ze spektaklu. W ciasnym, obwieszonym czerwonymi kotarami pomieszczeniu znajduje się półnagi mężczyzna , który klęczy na podłodze.

This could be a message for you. The stage becomes a labyrinth, the dance leads you out of the trap, the prophecy is as heavy as mercury. We open the door.
Join an interactive, non-linear journey in the company of Antonin Artaud, Vaslav Nijinsky and totem animals – towards megalithic temples and modular synthesizers. The journey will start at the place chosen by the passenger. You will receive the next message after registration. What name will you choose? Where to send the first letter?

Written and directed by: Paweł Passini; cast: Wojtek Kaproń, Paweł Passini, Jarosław Tomica; choreography: Wojtek Kaproń; live music: Paweł Passini, Marcin Sudziński; stage design / costumes / video: Aleksandra Konarska; makeup: Aleksandra Dębowczyk; light: Miłosz Wójciuk; sound: Jarosław Rudnicki, Dariusz Kociński; production manager: Wojciech Kaproń; executive producer:/ coordinator: Grzegorz Popiołek; graphic art: Kamil Filipowski; production: Centre for Culture in Lublin

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40/50 zł / mail registration

Cultural Center Ticket office

Open Monday to Friday from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

phone: 81 466 61 40
oraz: 728 474 209

On other days, e-mail contact:

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age category: 16+
We advise the viewers to wear casual clothing. Due to the site-specific space, the audience seating will not be on traditional theatre seats.
The show includes stroboscopic effect.


The Black Room

Rite of passage

10-05-2024 - 40/50 zł / mail registration - more

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