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19:00 - 06.10.2020 - Main Auditorium - more


19:00 - 06.10.2020 - more

Witness the birth of a musical-poetic-visual performance in several languages, several arts and artists from several countries will be brought together.

It will not be a concert, nor a literary meeting, nor a performance, nor a theatre show. The greatest value of what will be created on stage lies precisely in the inability to define it, to put it into rigid genre frames. The starting point will be the poetry of the famous Ukrainian poet, writer and musician – Serhiy Nathan. From the sound layer of the text, its melodies, music will be born in real time, following the word and the image, thanks to which both the word and the sound will receive a visual dimension.

The multidimensionality of the show opens up a new, multidisciplinary way of translation, which, apart from words, also uses sound and visual forms. In this way, poetry that resonates in different languages has a chance not to lose its most important properties: rhythm, intonation, pauses.

RozdILovI also becomes an attempt at understanding: through colour, line, sound, movement, individual words and their graphical embodiment in different languages. It also touches upon the issue of the work’s availability. Online broadcasting of the show enables its reception in the most remote parts of the world. The work is created “here and now”, no matter where the participants are physically located: on the stage in Lublin or in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kiev, Kharkiv, several hundred kilometres away … A very important aspect of the project is the translation of the poetic texts used into other languages.

RozdILovI connects – this oxymoron takes on a special meaning in pandemic reality, when artists intuitively look for means of expression that cross the boundaries of language, genre, real reality and the virtual world.

idea and visualizations – Ola Mychajluk; texts – Serhiy Zhadan; video effects – Serhiy Pilaweć (Ukraine); music – Aleksy Worsoba (Belarus), Tomasz Sikora (Poland); translation of literary texts into Polish – Michał Petryk, Jacek Podsiadło, Adam Pomorski


Main Auditorium


06-10-2020 - more

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