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Multicultural Lublin

Shukar Gila

20:30 - 27.05.2018 - The Inner Courtyard - more
Multicultural Lublin

Shukar Gila

20:30 - 27.05.2018 - more

Shukar Gila is an exceptional band on the bohemian art scene in Poland. It boldly uses traditional, sometimes forgotten, Gypsy caravan music and romances, combining them with oriental sounds. It is a refreshing mix, pure and absolutely true. There is no pretentiousness in it, no electronic traces changing the authentic sound.

The band was formed in 2014. The group presents only classical Romani music (so-called gypsy music). The group’s repertoire includes exquisite romances as well as dynamic compositions.


The Inner Courtyard


Laboratory of Word – Study of Culture

tel: 81 466 61 51

Shukar Gila

27-05-2018 - more

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